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Elevating roofs are available as either supply only or can be supplied and professionally fitted at our workshop down in Hythe, Kent. 


If you would like to order a roof or get a quote for fitting please give us a call and one of our friendly staff can help you with price, availability and lead times.

Call us on 01303 261 062
Mon - Fri:  9am to 5pm
Sat: 9am to 12

Alternatively please fill in quote request form below and we will get back to you. 

Renault Traffic

Available for SWB up to 6/2014 in Super Flat only.

SWB & LWB From 8/2014 in Easy Fit Only

a Renault Traffic with a Reimo elevating roof.

Super Flat Elevating Roof For SWB up to 6/2014

  • Front height, gas strut supported for easy manual lifting.

  • Surface coloured in white (code R902).

  • Canvas made of breathable cotton fabric.

  • 3 windows that can be closed from the inside  (2 on the side, 1 on the front).

  • Good ventilation is provided by the 2 side windows which have mosquito nett inserts, these can be opened completely with a zipper.

  • Roof bed option available ( sold separately)

  • Additional strengthening frame is required.

Easy Fit Elevating Roof  For SWB & LWB From 8/2014 

  • Three-parted elevating roof, integrated GRP strengthening frame, no additional strengthening necessary.

  • Aerodynamic front spoiler

  • Gas strut assisted for easy lifting.

  • Vehicle height including sleeping roof approx. 207 cm.

  • With front and 2 side windows.

  • Side windows include mosquito nets.

  • 100% cotton canvas

  • Roof shell coloured in standard white.

  • Headroom in front 225 cm and rear 140 cm.

  • Luxury bed option (sold separately)

Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic Rear Height
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