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SavvyVan Lite

Packed full of features, SavvyVan Lite comes with everything you need to control and control monitor your power distribution within your Mobile Home / Boat / Caravan or anywhere else you can think.

High Quality 7" Touch Screen
Internet Connected
Notifications (Requires WiFi)
Fully Customisable Interface

Choose up to 8 Customisable Switches each capable of switching a load of 10amps (0 - 240v DC)
Personalised Colour Scheme's
Battery State of Charge, for Lithum, AGM & Lead Acid.
Digital Clock
Local Weather (Requires WiFi)
Over The Air Updates (Requires WiFi) 


This product is ordered on an individual basis,  please contact us to order and allow 5-7working days for delivery

Touch Screen Control Panel

VAT Included
Out of Stock

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