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The SILWY Magnetic Food Jars 125ml are the ultimate space-saving storage solution for your campervan or yacht. With integrated magnets in the lid, these clever jars hold to the included leather look metal bar, ensuring that your spices, jams, and other food items stay secure while on the move. The high-quality glasses and included labels for labeling make these jars both practical and perfect for organizing your kitchen. The perfectly balanced magnetic force ensures that your jars won't fall off while in transit. Upgrade your kitchen with these stylish and functional magnetic food jars today

SILWY Magnetic Food Jars 125ml

SKU: 929551
£58.95 Regular Price
£47.16Sale Price
VAT Included

SILWY 20% Off Sale

    •  Holds to the bar thanks to integrated magnets in the lid.
    •  Filling volume (125 ml) - For jams, spices, and much more.
    • Space-saving & stylish storage solution
    •  Labels for labeling included.
    • Metal bar in leather look and high quality glasses.
    • Perfectly balanced magnetic force.
    • works upside down, vertical & horizontal a real eye-catcher
    • Permanent mounting of the metal strip with 3M adhesive coating
    • Ideal for campervans, yachts, cruise liners & private jets

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