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Introducing SILWY Magnetic Porcelain Plates - the ultimate solution for space-saving storage without the rattling noises. These noble, flat and stable plates are made from the finest porcelain, molded with a beautifully crafted magnet in the bottom. With their clever stackable design, the magnetic platess fix each other in place, ensuring the perfect fit for your campervan or yacht. Made in Germany with 100% quality porcelain and designed with a neutral and timeless aesthetic, these must-have plates are the perfect addition to your travels. 

SILWY Magnetic Porcelain Plates

SKU: 929506
£48.95 Regular Price
£39.16Sale Price
VAT Included

SILWY 20% Off Sale

    • 2 Porcelain plates
    • Space-saving storage - without rattling noises
    •  Noble, flat, stablepltess made of the finest porcelain
    •  Beautifully molded magnet in the bowl bottom.
    • Stackable - Magnetic plates fix each other in place
    • Highest quality porcelain - Made in Germany
    • Neutral and timeless design (must-have for on the go)
    • TIP: Super compatible with our placemats for a secure stand
    • Ideal for Campervans & Yachts 
    • Height: 22mm
    • Ideal for campervans, yachts, cruise liners & private jets

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